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Extending your success with Candela’s certified Field Service Engineers

Field Service Engineers deliver services and support for Candela medical devices that meet the highest standards of quality, consistency and responsiveness to deliver peace of mind for customers. Field Service Engineers (FSE) are medical device specialists who receive extensive training. This training includes didactic, diagnostic, and hands-on learning as well as testing and certification. As a result, our FSE’s are uniquely qualified to provide support whether it’s over the phone or in person. When an on-site visit is necessary, you not only get resolution, you also get a full inspection and system check of your device to ensure all specifications are met.

Enhance your practice with the leading hair removal brand chosen by dermatologists.

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The Frax Pro system: an advanced fractional diode laser system that delivers highly targeted 1550 nm and 1940 nm wavelengths for dual-depth skin resurfacing.

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Conduct aesthetic and dermatological procedures with a single multi-application platform.

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