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Maximizing uptime and device performance with our Service Commitment

Samimi Medikal offers a variety of flexible programs to ensure optimal performance from your device. From dedicated Technical Support resources and Field Service Engineers, to robust warranty and maintenance programs, you can rest assured that your investment is working as hard as you are. That is our commitment to you.

Our Services

Learn more about the technical services we can offer your practice

Candela’s Technical Support team is on stand-by and ready for you. As your first line of support, the Candela Technical Support team can remediate most challenges.

Nobody knows the Candela products better than the Candela Field Services team. The Field Service Engineers provide on-site service and support and offer the highest standards of quality, consistency and responsiveness.

Candela offers preventative and as-needed maintenance services and service agreements that are designed to help maintain optimal performance and reliability of your device, reduce administrative burden and safeguard your investment.

Proactive and preventative care of your devices can help avoid costly downtime, maintain patient safety, and deliver consistent, effective results.

Only the highest quality spare parts must be used on your systems, ensuring long-term durability and safe operability of your systems, and to ensure your system meets all regulatory requirements.

Repairs and maintenance of your systems requires sub-specialized tools and equipment for repairs and calibration, supplied and approved for use by the manufacturer.

Operation and servicing of medical devices are based on regulatory standards published by various agencies and international standards committees. The Candela Service team views these standards as the threshold of quality delivery, service and the use of genuine Candela parts.

Candela Field Service Engineers and Technicians adhere strictly to manufacturer-recommended specifications, use only genuine Candela parts and follow manufacturer-specified periodic maintenance schedules at all times. Inconsistent, improper or untimely preventive maintenance and repairs can increase total cost of ownership.

OuCandela prides itself on being able to respond to customers needs quickly. The fastest way to connect is to contact our Technical Support line. Technical Support representatives will be able to assess the situation and provide the service you need. If onsite service is needed, our Candela Field Service Engineers are available.

Samimi Medikal maintains a strong supply of necessary spare parts in our headquarters to ensure your systems are repaired in the least amount of time, using original manufacturer’approved spare parts.

Our team has access to the manufacturer’s global repair databases, which ensures we are always up to date on the latest techniques and methods on how to repair and maintain your devices.

Our team is committed to ensuring your clinical and technical teams are made aware of all service requirements and maintenance needs of your system, every step of the way.

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